illumine Resources

Policies and Plans

Tuition Fees

Fall Program 2020

$250 for all singers

a la carte / recommended options

  • $30/40 per session with Ms. Alicia
  • $45 per session with Dr. Fong
  • $45/80 per session with Austin

Students withdrawing from the choir must submit a written request to illumine indicating the official date of withdrawal from the program.

Singers withdrawing from the choir on or before the 3rd scheduled rehearsal will receive a full refund, less a $75 administrative fee.

No tuition refunds will be given for withdrawals after the 3rd scheduled rehearsal. Parents are responsible for payment in full at this time, this includes installment plans, which should be made within 7 business days after withdrawing.

Regarding Fees

illumine is a special program designed to challenge, inspire and celebrate. We are a family of musicians that is both prestigious and open to all. We turn no one away due to pricing, so please contact us to discuss flexible enrollment fees. If your child wants to sing with us, we are here for you.

Safety and Social Distancing

Young artists can only grow when they are healthy. Since March, illumine has worked with the CDC to stay current on guidelines for gathering and vocalizing. We will evaluate if, when, and how we safely gather. When it is sensible to do so, we look forward to presenting our choral season in person with rehearsals, performances and audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see the answer to your question among these FAQ, please feel free to send us an email.

My child loves singing but has never had voice lessons or sung in a choir before. Can my child still audition?

Yes! No previous voice training or choral experience is required for membership in illumine.

Will my child be expected to do any practicing at home? We don’t have a piano and we, the parents, are not musical.

Yes, the singers in illumine have weekly music theory homework as well as singing homework. We use the protected singer page at this website to provide mp3 files of the music and learning tracks. The singing homework generally does not begin until the middle of each semester, as a method of reinforcing the learning and memorization of music for concerts.

Singers can expect to spend approximately 15-20 minutes weekly on theory homework, and 50-90 minutes weekly on singing practice homework. A piano is not required for theory or singing homework.

My boy is 12 years old. Is he too old for illumine?

This depends upon whether your son’s voice has changed or is now changing. Our treble choir has had boys as old as 14. Some boys begin as a soprano-alto and then continue the season training their falsetto if their voice does change within 9 months. Our Artistic Director, Nina Revering, would be happy to discuss your son’s vocal progress before your request an audition.

What is the audition like?

The singing portion of the audition takes place with the parents and Ms. Revering via FaceTime. Singers will be asked to echo-sing, vocalize, and sing “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” (verse one only).

What type of music do you sing in illumine?

We teach a classical vocal technique, and our repertoire is primarily classical in nature, spanning the Renaissance era through contemporary choral compositions. We enjoy singing music in a variety of foreign languages and styles. We are happy to provide program PDFs of past performances by request. 

What are my responsibilities as an illumine parent?

As an illumine parent, your responsibilities include helping your student access rehearsals and performances, notifying the Director when your singer will be absent, monitoring the completion of homework, and reading and responding as required to weekly illumine email updates.

What is the attendance policy?

The quest for artistic excellence requires a high level of commitment; therefore, the illumine maintains high expectations for attendance. Attendance at all illumine rehearsals, performances, and other events are considered MANDATORY, unless specifically indicated by the illumine.

Whenever possible, please give a 2-week advance notice of your absence via singer web portal form.

Tardiness to rehearsals:
Rehearsals will always begin and end at the stated times. Choristers are expected to be in their seat, ready to rehearse 5 minutes prior to the rehearsal starting time. Choristers are marked tardy if they arrive more than 10 minutes late and/or if they leave more than 10 minutes early. Three tardies or leaving early three times will count as one absence.

Tardiness or Absence from Dress Rehearsals:
To ensure a professional performance and high artistic experience, all dress rehearsals for the illumine concerts are MANDATORY. Singers who are tardy or absent from dress rehearsals may be considered for removal from the performance at the discretion of the illumine director.

Excessive absences:
After three absences, the illumine staff will request a meeting with the singer and family. The illumine director will also request an individual vocal check with the singer to check on the singer’s musical preparation. At the discretion of the illumine director, the singer may be dismissed from the choir.

Any singer who incurs two consecutive absences will also be asked to have a vocal check.