Our Choirs

The Ensembles: Prelude, Kantorei, & Allegro

Exploring the beauty and artistry of choral music in a disciplined and nurturing environment is what we do at illumineillumine offers a comprehensive treble choir program for boys and girls, ages 7-18, comprised of three ensembles.

illumine is committed to:

  • Teaching the highest quality choral literature and vocal technique
  • Development of the young musician through sight-singing and music theory instruction
  • Presenting inspiring performances
  • Creating an environment where the children of Austin can grow together in their love of music and singing
  • Molding a group of singers that represent the diversity and beauty of our city

The illumine concert season follows the academic year from August to May, and our program comprises three choirs:


(ages 7-9)

This ensemble for 2nd and 3rd graders, offers instruction in vocal technique, music theory and sight-singing in the same beautiful tradition of our family of ensembles. Led by director Nina Revering. Requires recommendation by a music teacher.


(ages 9-13)

Kantorei is the entry-level ensemble of illumine, and singers have beginning to intermediate vocal skill and experience. Focusing on the development of the whole vocalist, this ensemble provides singers with a strong background in choral ensemble experience, small group vocal coaching, music theory, history, sight-singing, and use of the International Phonetic Alphabet (I.P.A.). Kantorei performs repertoire in unison and 2-part harmony, including a cappella and accompanied choral music in English and foreign languages.


(ages 11-18)

Allegro is an ensemble of singers with intermediate to advanced choral skill and experience. This ensemble focuses on the development of the vocalist at a very high level of performance. Singers are expected to have strong fundamentals in vocal technique, sight-singing, music theory, and history, and familiarity with I.P.A. Allegro prepares and performs repertoire in unison, 2, 3, and 4-part harmony in English and a variety of foreign languages.

Regarding Fees

illumine is a special program designed to challenge, inspire, and celebrate. A family of musicians that is both prestigious and open to all. We turn no one away due to pricing, so please contact us to discuss flexible enrollment fees. If your child wants to sing with us, we are here for you.

Safety and Social Distancing

Young artists can only grow when they are healthy. Since March illumine has worked with the CDC to stay current on guidelines for gathering and vocalizing. As our virtual Summer Session concludes, we will evaluate if, when, and how we safely gather in the Fall. When it is sensible to do so, we look forward to presenting our choral season in person with rehearsals, performances, and audiences.

Recommended Course of Study

For new singers in the 2nd and 3rd grades, ages 7-9, we require a recommendation from a music teacher (required recommendation form).

For new singers, ages 9-13, we recommend membership in Kantorei for one to three years, after which we encourage their continued study with illumine by auditioning for Allegro.

For new singers, ages 13-18, with moderate to extensive choral/solo singing experience, initial membership in Allegro will be considered.

illumine singers begin their music theory study in “A Young Singer’s Journey,” Level 1 or 2. Each level takes one year to complete, and singers typically advance to the next theory level in the following year. There are currently six levels in this theory program.