a company of young voices

illumine Choirs is dedicated to nurturing a community of young singers through artistic expression, intellectual development, and a pursuit of musical excellence.


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An ensemble for ages 7 to 9, offering instruction in vocal technique, music theory and sight-singing in the same beautiful tradition of our family of ensembles.


This ensemble  for ages 9 to 13 provides singers with a strong background in choral ensemble experience, small group vocal coaching, music theory, history, and sight-singing.


This ensemble for ages 11 to 18 focuses on the development of strong fundamentals in vocal technique, sight-singing, music theory, and history, and familiarity with I.P.A.

The Singer’s Experience

illumine utilizes a curriculum that focuses on the whole artist and artistic experience. The music we study and perform includes a broad depth of repertoire, spanning historical eras from Renaissance to modern day and different styles from Gospel & Jazz to oratorio & art song literature. Emphasis is made on the connection of words to music and how together they express human emotion and ideas.

Training the young singer to use healthy vocal production is at the heart of illumine instruction. Learning to produce a consistent core sound filled with resonance, projection, and beautiful tone will be emphasized. Young singers will also learn to develop strong breath management to support their singing voice. For all singers, but particularly the boys, the changing voice will be addressed.

Teaching musical literacy is particularly important to us. Students learn sight-singing skills, the International Phonetic Alphabet (I.P.A.), Kodaly solfege syllables, rhythm syllables, and Curwin handsigns. We want our singers to be able to pick up a piece of music, understand all the symbols on the page, and translate the notation into accurate vocal production. To help develop these skills, music theory is taught using the choral-centered “A Young Singer’s Journey” music theory series. Singers complete one level of theory per year in the choir.

Above all else, we hope our singers find an appreciation of the beauty in poetry and melody. By forming a community of other like-minded young artists, we strive to make illumine a wonderful, joyful place for exploration and belief in the arts.

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